Residential Landscaping Philadelphia

Our residential landscaping services and lawn care in Northeast Philadelphia is second to none. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right for you. Philadelphia Landscaping is a local lawn care & landscaping Company and we want to be your partner. We specialize with providing the best Philadelphia lawn care in Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Before we go any further take a moment and watch this cool video.

We Offer Lawn Care And Landscaping Services That Will Fit Your Budget

We offer a full range of affordable lawn care and residential landscaping services that will fit your budget. It is our belief that we offer the best lawn care services in the entire Delaware Valley. Whether you need traditional yard work such as lawn maintenance or a full landscape makeover, finding the best local landscaping services has never been easier. In case your wondering why should you choose us, well just keep on reading.

Residential Landscaping

residential landscaping

Residential Landscaping Philadelphia-We Bring Your Dreams To Life

Do you dream of a yard that goes beyond the usual. Do you have a vision for your landscape but not sure what to do. You can let us help by bringing your vision to life. We do everything from retaining walls to decks and patios, from natural ponds and waterfalls to landscape design and construction. Give us a call today and talk to one of our expert lawn service professionals as to how we can help you.

Lawn Care Philadelphia-We Do It Right

Proper lawn maintenance is needed if you desire the perfect lawn. At Philadelphia landscaping we totally get that. Our goal is to create and maintain some of the most unique and attractive properties in the Philadelphia area. We offer the best residential landscaping services as well as commercial in Philadelphia Pa.

We Are Affordable and Professional

As a property owner, you want to use a lawn care company that will enhance your home or commercial building. Your property should be both inviting and usable. Depending on your budget, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Combine that with our skills and the sky is the limit.  if your looking for professional landscaping services near you, call us today

Why Use Our Services

To keep your lawn looking beautiful takes a lot of time and hard work. If you don’t have the time or energy then let our expert backyard landscaping & lawn services help. When your looking for lawn care company in Philadelphia we are the company you can trust. We offer a wide range of yard maintenance services that are year round. Why not enjoy your spring and summer by letting us do all the hard work for you? We’ll keep everything looking great giving you the time to just sit back and enjoy.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Provide

  • Irrigation Services
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Snow and Ice Management
  • Draining and Grading
  • Decks and Patios
  • Landscape Design & Construction
  • Gazebos
  • Full Retaining Walls & Walkways
  • Natural Ponds & Waterfalls
  • Organic Soil Treatment
  • Tree Trimming and Tree pruning
  • Edging
  • Lawn Fertilization And Mulching
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Weed Control Service
  • Soil pH Control
  • Seeding

Lawn Basics-Understanding Soil Types

Different areas have a variety of soil types with each needing it’s own type of lawn care. Your lawn needs complete attention and not just a grass trim here and their. Our technicians will test your soil before applying any potassium or phosphorus. The nutrients used are good additives for your over all lawn health. These should only be applied by professionals with years of experience. Adding the wrong amounts could cause more harm then good.

You Need To Know Your Fertilizer Type

Any company that wants to handle your lawn care and landscaping services should know the different types of fertilizer that is sold locally. Some contain nitrogen that could either be released slowly or at a quicker speed. This means there is a precise time each should one be applied. If not done properly, your lawn could be damaged. For this reason alone you should consider hiring experts such as ourselves. Call the people you can trust the most. Give us a call today and let us guide you through the entire process

Why You Should Use Professionals

Dying branches or branches that hang over your home can be a serious hazard. They could fall during a sudden storm and cause serious damage to your home. By keeping your trees trimmed properly you can avoid the more serious, and expensive projects down the road. This is why we say you should consider using our residential landscaping company.

Let’s Get Ready For Spring Clean Up

We offer a variety of spring time cleanup services. Spring clean up means removing dead plants that remained over the winter and the pruning back of perennials. Our services don’t sop there. Broken branches and leaves need to be gathered and mulching will need to be done. Your garden beds will probably need to be edged, and new annuals will need to be planted as well. So you can see there is a lot of work that  needs to be done in a short amount of time.

Fall Cleanup Services

It doesn’t get any easier in the fall either. Our fall cleanup services include cutting back perennials, removing annuals, cleaning out planters, trimming shrubs, picking up leaves, reseeding, aerating and plant wrapping as needed. This is a local lawn care service that our customers have grown to love.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services

If your lawn care services require tree trimming or other similar needs, it is important to know when you should get them. Tree trimming can be done in the late winter and early spring. This will help your trees flourish and look great in the summer. Pruning on the other hand is best left for the middle of the winter. It is a lot easier to see which branches need be taken care of. Our residential landscaping services include both tree trimming and tree pruning.

We Install Decks And Patios

Whether you want a deck installed or you need help keeping your patio in good repair, we can help. For most people outdoor construction or hardscaping will prove to be a challenge. Before you get in way over your head let our residential landscaping professionals handle it for you. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process.

Grading and Draining Your Lawn

If your landscape is not graded properly it could cause a pool of water to form right below the surface. Have you ever noticed that your grass feels squishy when you step on it? This happens when you have drainage problems. This water can run toward the foundation of your home and cause serious structural damage. We can solve the immediate problem by draining any water that has already collected. Our expert landscaping contractors are true professionals and they know how to go the distance.

Winterizing Your Landscape

You might think you can stop worrying about your yard as soon as the snow starts to fall. You see your plants have stopped growing and all is safe. In fact, your landscape requires the most attention in winter to avoid complications in the spring. A quick example would be if you use an automatic lawn irrigation system. One of the most over-looked procedures is shutting off your sprinkler properly. At Philadelphia Landscaping we will make sure there is no leftover water so it does not crack and break when things begin to freeze.

Landscape Design-A Few Ideas For You

Deciding what type of lawn and garden care is best for your yard can be a daunting task. First there are the plants. What kind of plants and shrubs will look the best and how do you want them sectioned and paved. How about a gazebo. How cool will that look. A warm inviting fireplace is always a big hit with everyone. Are you considering a swimming pool. As you can see there is so much to think about. be smart and let our team of experts help you with all your residential landscaping plans.

What They Can Do wrong

When doing residential landscaping and landscaping design there are a few things your designer can get wrong that you should be aware of. For example, your house should be considered first before anything else. That sounds so simple but to many people miss the mark on this. Yet it has been my experience that far to many times this is not the case. The style of your landscape and the colors that are featured must coordinate with your home. Sadly to say, there are instances where this is not the case. I have seen way too many residential landscapes that were completely destroyed by landscapers that were just not qualified. The bottom line is you need to find a landscaping company that is reputable and experienced.

Call Our Team Of Professionals Today

Our residential landscaping services and lawn care do not stop after labor day. Whether you prefer the look of simple and clean lines or a more elaborate and complex landscape we can fill your needs. Our team of professionals will work hard to bring your vision to life. Call us today.Free estimates (215) 515-6930. Check out these incredible 7000 garden landscaping ideas we are now proudly sponsoring.